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  • Post author: is a private IP address used by routers to login into the admin panel. Each router manufacturer uses unique IP address for login and access the router settings. Brands like Best Data, Addon, Diamond etc use this IP as a default gateway for their routers. There are hundreds of other IP addresses available that are used by different-different router brands.

Private IP address like belong to the same network and thus can never be disputed easily.

Using this address users can enter to the admin panel and change the default settings of router like LAN, WLAN, WPS, SSID, username and password etc.

In this article we will explain you how you can login into and have admin privileges.

How to Login into

To access the default login gateway of router you need:

  • A system connected to the home Wifi
  • A system to access a browser

Step 1: Open the internet browser login

You need to enter the default IP address of the router. Type in the search bar as shown in the image and hit enter.

Step 2: Enter the username and password

If is your routers default address then a login page shall open asking for login details. Enter here username and password. If you just got your router then you must have default username and password (you can also find out here) or else use below login combinations.

  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: admin

PS: If none of the username and password works, we recommend you to check the router box for login details or contact brand with the router model.

Step 3: Configure router settings

After login you will see the admin settings of your router. Now take some time to be familiar with the dashboard or read manual if required.

Additional Actions to Secure Your Router:

Change the default username and password

Always change default login details of your router to make your connection secure. As default username and password are easy to predict and anyone can access your router.

💡 Tips: Make it strong by using alphanumeric

Changing the SSID

SSID is the name that appears on the WIFI list when you search for available networks. Even is a private IP address, we recommend you to change SSID for security purpose.

💡 Tips: Don’t use any personal information (name of router or password)

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Can’t Connect to

Checkout this

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If you are unable to connect to then it is not the default Ip for your router. Every router is assigned specific IP to login into admin settings. Check IP on the box of router or on the brands official website.


Q. How to change the default password for

All you need to do is first login into the router using username and password. Then in the settings change the password. Make sure you write it down safely to somewhere.

Q. How to reset my router?

This can be done easily. Locate the reset button at the back of router and press it for approx. 30 seconds. That’s it your router will automatically set to its default settings.

Note: Once you reset router, you will erase all data and connections. I recommend you to reset it if there’s no other option.

Q. not working

Make sure that it is the default Ip of the router. Also, check system connections.

Q. Why 192.168.10 253 won’t load?

The login page may not load either you are not typing the correct IP address or there is some issue with your router. Try to reset router and perform the steps again.


We hope this article helped you in admin login, username and password. Now you can change various settings and connect other devices. We tried to cover all questions related to login but if you still have any questions or can’t connect to router, please comment below. We will bring you the best possible answer.

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