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In this blog, we’ll guide you to solve your question “What is My IP Address”. IP is an essential thing to know if you want to access your router admin panel. There are two types of IP addresses, the First is a Public IP address and the second is a Private IP address. Let’s dive into more details:

Public IP addresses are 4 digits (unless you’re not on IPv6) strings and it uses to locate your device across the internet. Imagine what if public IP didn’t exist then you will never receive a reply from anyone nor send it to the right person because it’s very difficult to find the right device to send information without any address on millions of devices.

As for private IP, this address works in your local network, your router or modem assign a private address to the connected devices to differentiate where to send information, for example, if your private IP suddenly stops working, you can’t watch your favorite content on your Tv that is connected to your router and it doesn’t know where to send the information.

If you are surfing the internet or connect to a network then your device must be assigned an IP address. For any reason you want to know your IP address, so that’s what this blog is all about.

In the following steps, we are covering how you can find the IP address on various devices:

How to Find Your Public IP Address

One of the easiest methods to do this is just simply google it many of you already know this method but if you don’t just click on this link https://www.whatismyip.com/ and it will tell what your public IP is.

After opening the link, you can find it on top under the grey box, ‘Your Public IPv4 is: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’. Those numbers are the Public IP address of your device

what is my ip
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Another way to discover your public IP address is to find it on your router. After login into your router’s admin panel by putting private IP into the web browser and filling in username and password. In most routers, you’ll find it on your dashboard or front page (it depends on your router’s brand and model).

check ip address in router
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How to Find Your Private IP Address

  • Windows

To find the Private IP address of your windows system is very easy, simply open up the command prompt by pressing the “Win+R” and type “cmd“, and enter. You’ll see a black window, here you have to type “ipconfig” and enter, your private IP will be listed under “IPv4 Address

windows ip
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  • macOS

For Mac user, click on the “Apple logo” on top of the screen, then go to “System Preferences” > “Network

Select the network that you’re connected to now look under the “Status” look right, you’ll find the Private IP listed under the says “Connected

apple ip address
(Image credit: Apple)


  • Linux (Disto: Ubuntu)

What if you’re on Linux? Don’t worry we’ve covered you. One of the popular distros of Linux is Ubuntu that’s why we are giving a guide for this distro most of the Linux distros have the same option. Linux has a large number of distros available out there and we can’t talk about each of them.

Go to “Activities” from the top -left, here you can type “Network“, then click on “Network“. (We are performing this method on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, but it should be the same for all the versions).

Depending on your connection whether wired or wireless click on the “Settings” icon (It looks like a sun), A window will pop up, under the “Details” you’ll find the private IP address (“IPv4 Address”)

If you are running another Linux distro and wondering if this method will work for you or not, so don’t worry here is another method to find the private IP address and it will work on all the distros.

how to find linux ip address
(Image credit: Linux Config)


Open a Terminal by searching it or simply press “Ctrl+Alt+T” together on your keyword it will open a terminal for you.
Here you have to type “ip addr show” and hit enter, Now looks for the “inet” line (“Scope global” later in the line) under the “link/ether“, the first 4 number directly following the work “inet” is your private IP.

  • Chrome OS

Click on Launcher (Bottom left), then type “Settings” and click on it. Under the Networks tab click on your connected network, under “Know networks” again click on the connected network, here you’ll find your private IP address.

how to find ip on chrome os
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Now that you know how to find your IP address, you can see how simple it is to find it however if you find any difficulty with the mentioning steps then you can let us know by contacting us or commenting down below so other readers can see and answer it if they know.

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